Know the best and worst safest locks

Know the best and worst safest locks

In Iran, in general, two types of lock for the safe are used; The choice is between the best and the worst safest locks so .you do not have the choice for just good and better products

A lacquered lacquered laminate

The buyer determines the production method; If the buyer knows what is in his favor, he asks the seller; In Iran, in general, two types of security locks are used; So the manufacturer can use one of them to lock the safe. The lock will allow for two types of overlays, and in this choice there is no better and better case; it is the choice between the best and the worst kind of lock.

Lock with steel cap

This cap is the best in the world that the world has seen and has the highest quality, the gender of this cover is completely steel and in different designs and colors, and its failure is almost zero. This type of lock is very good and desirable, and the only way to ruin it is to destroy the safe door. The locks are used both in Iran and in foreign countries and currently have no more powerful rivals.

Lock with lacquered cap

This lid is located at the front of the lock with a steel cap and is the worst kind of lock that the world has seen. The lid is loose and inadequate and does not fit into the safes’ structure because the safe is a commodity and should be used for many years. These locks do not have much quality and are damaged after a limited amount of time.

The remarkable point is that the steel covers are guaranteed by the manufacturer. But lacquer locks do not have a warranty, and manufacturers can safely place safes in three ways:

Only with steel lock cap
Only with a lacquered lock cap
Both lacquer and steel cover

Ibn is responsible for choosing which one you choose. But if you have already chosen a safescope with a lacquer lock and now feel unsafe when reading this article, you can contact the security vendors and request a security update service to accept the approved technical officer. Manufacturers and vendors come and upgrade your safe safty. This upgrade can include changing the cover. You can also upgrade your lock, which will be discussed in future articles, by installing a mechanical or digital password.

Arka Firefighting Services

The ARCHA FireFox manufactures a variety of fireproof and anti-theft safes for homes, stores, offices, financial institutions and banks, the Treasury and Treasury Department, the Quality Management Certificate and ISO 9001-2000, with more than two decades of experience in the first presentation. The wake-up caller is in the safe and the first one to provide theft and fire insurance with a safe. You can apply for these services in order to be accepted by manufacturers and retailers for technical advice and to upgrade your safety safty. This upgrade can include changing the cover. You can also upgrade your lock, which will be discussed in future articles, by installing a mechanical or digital password.

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The oldest safe deposit box in the world

The oldest safe deposit box in the world

The oldest safe deposit box in the world is considered the secret of Mehriz’s castle. The secretary’s castle is the most important building of the city surrounded by walls and ditches. Some parts of the castle are made up of three floors and the entire building has a defensive and residential structure. The castle is the Sassanid period. This work was registered as a national monument of Iran on June 27, 1354 with the registration number 1084. The Castle Castle is one of the most beautiful, largest and oldest defensive fortresses, as well as a treasury tank and safe deposit box in the central desert of Iran. And dating back to the Sassanid era.

This castle was used to store grains and food, which at that time had a special value. In addition to cereals, it also acts like a modern safes. Meanwhile, the money, gold and jewelry of the villagers were also kept in the castle during the invasion and looting.

Technical Specifications for the First Worldwide Safeguard Book

Yazd’s castle has two concentric walls in you with a lofty and invincible tower that is enclosed by a gutter. The ditch is located at a depth of 3 to 4 meters and a width of 5 to 6 meters around the castle, a fence and castle fortress about 6 to 7 meters high and circled around the castle and has 9 rounded towers 8 to 9 meters in the corner And mediocre sides. In the four corners of this Safeguard, four towers are built that are taller than the castle towers. Also from the outside into a wall at a height of 2 meters around the castle, which previously had a higher altitude.

The castle also had two doors, one of which was the main door and the other was the back of the castle. Almost like the door of the treasury and the door to escape today. The castle’s main door is movable and is closed by ropes and pulleys from the bottom up. When the main door was broken by the enemy and the enemy walked into the castle, the second door of the castle was closed and in fact played the role of the castle support door.

The castle has three floors consisting of mud and mud and materials used in that brick and gypsum. Something like an archival safes. Furnishings such as framing and fireplaces are also featured.

On the sides of the corridors, there are several chambered chambers, each with a separate door and key for storing valuable precious objects in the large fund.

The interior and exterior design of the castle is a secret

The main and central castles of the castle have been castles, houses and residential rooms. The entrance to the castle is located on the north side of it, on the ditch opposite that mobile bridge was installed that at night, with the help of a rope and a pulley, it was raised behind the gate. By removing the bridge from the ditch, the connection inside And the castle was cut off from one another. In fact, it was a physical weapon to improve the safety factor of the Safeguard Book of that time!

Passing through the bridge on the ditch and passing through the main castle, we enter the gate of the vestibule. And in the vestibule, we go to three other doors, two of which are open to the left and right sides, and go through the enclosure between the outer fence and the inner wall of the castle, where the livestock and livestock are stored and the forage storage.

The third door is located opposite the main gate and leads to the castle’s residence. In the residential area of ​​the castle houses, each has more than 2 rooms and most of them are not more than 30 square meters. The rooms are on you and in their sides there are niches, rafts, and at the end of them there are places to put big crumbs for storage of food. Also, on the floor of the castle chambers, there are holes to hold the garbage cans, which is also a curtain to increase the security of this large safe deposit box.

How to protect the castle

Absolutely, this large safe deposit box in the absence of modern modern equipment; requires a well-trained human guard. The way of using the castle spaces is that the castle towers are built in three floors and the relationship between the floors is provided by spiral staircases. There are stones for scanning and shooting in each of the three floors.

The roof of the towers has a wall height of 1.5 meters, which is used as a turret. Under the wall of the turret, they made holes with a steep slope out there to use ash, hot sand, boiling water and molten bitumen on the invaders. If the enemy would fire the doors, The water was flooded and the fire was extinguished.

Opening and closing the castle door

The second and third doors of the entrance were made of metal, thus, in addition to strengthening, it was prevented from burning more than it was. On top of the main castle there is a wooden log, with four reels on them. From the wooden beam and the pulleys, they used the gutter entrance door or the castle door to move up and down.

This is the only example of the vertical opening and closing of the door that has remained its remains so far. Among the existing works in this castle are the water storage, built on the left entrance and behind the vestibule, which is roofed and its dimensions are about It is 6.5 meters long and now there is no trace of it. This water tank was drained in two ways:

One by a duct connected to the ditch, and when the duct was opened, the water was filled.
The second way, when the enemy was attacked and threatened with water pollution, did not drain the water from the ditch, but by collecting the water of the roofs and the interior of the fortress, they needed to be eliminated. By doing so, people The castle could have all the needs

Elevator safes service

Arka Elevator Safes Service

Safes for lifts for goldsmiths and jewelry stores are watch stores and antique dealers. Because of its special sensitivity, its customers are more obsessed with this product. Time for these customers is very valuable. For this reason, they prefer to use an elevator safe. So that they can handle only one button and in a few seconds showcase their shop without any hassle. Naturally, with such an extraordinary efficiency, lift safe services are of particular importance.

The elevator safe service generally includes

Fix shake
Eliminate the sound
Upgrade and upgrade your safes Read more

Safeguard for firms and shops and estate consultants

Safeguard for firms and shops and estate consultants

A two-storey safe, a safe for businesses and shops, and estate consultants and places that require a lot of documents to be used. Read more

Why should you buy a safe and safe safe deposit box before buying gold and cash

Why should you buy a safe and safe safe deposit box before buying gold and cash

Did you know that since the beginning of 1397, due to the increase in the inflation rate, people went to buy gold and currency to keep their value. While they often do not have a specific mechanism for keeping it. Perhaps, by reading the interview below, understand the importance of having a refractory safe in your home.

Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the Police Awareness NGO, in an interview with the law enforcement correspondent of Tasnim, said: “What is involved with robbery is robbery of houses, which has a very high impact on the security of citizens, and people are also mostly prevented from doing so. Robbery does not care much about safety. Of course, I think the increase in house robbery is due to the economic situation in the country.

With regard to all aspects of the safety of the place where gold is stored, it has a significant role in reducing the number of robberies. First of all, we should note that the place of holding gold and currency is not home. The safe deposit box is a safe place to hold such items. But if you have to keep them at home, be sure to read this article carefully.

Features a refractory safe

If you do not have a safekeeper or safe haven and place for your golds and currencies, you will easily miss them. Because they will simply be stolen. But if you have a safe deposit box, this means that you have shown the location of your gold and money to the robbers. But nevertheless, we also recommend that you buy a fire safe and safe before buying gold, coins and dollars. The key question is that such a refractory and ultra-safe can protect your currency and gold. Such a safe guard must certainly have two important features:

Non-portable safe

The first factor to be taken into consideration in the delivery of the cabin is the weight of the cabinet. The first mission of the cabin bag, as its name suggests, is being unwalled and worthless. A 300kg-high cocoon for home use is somewhat of an idea. Al is The weight of the cowhide is the result of the sheet used and the material used between its walls. If your walls are covered with reinforced concrete, your safe will have a good weight. In this situation, your safe is fireproof. Therefore, it can be said that the safes that are suitable for their dimensions are fireproof.

If your cupboard does not have the weight you want, you can tighten it to connect to metal structures around the ground or prevent it from moving. This is done by welding or using a roller screw. To do this, just call the experienced Arca experienced technicians and forces. You can do as much as zero jobs for up to one hundred jobs at the safe box installation.

Anti-theft cowboy

If the thieves are not able to steal a safe, the only option is to open the safe box and empty the contents. In the anti-theft arches of the Arka, the unique anti-theft system is mounted on the boxes. This system is a set of features that are built into the anti-spam system on the boxes. For example, in anti-shock safes, the door is flipped from four sides. If in the typical models, the doors are flush with both sides.

In the anti-theft model, special cavities have been applied to the safe wall, with tabs placed inside it. In the anti-theft model, there is a passive tab that is susceptible to impact, and when it hits the door, the tab is released and prevents the door from opening the safe.

In addition, you can use the smart Arca system and get your smartphone safe. We suggest you read the Arka Smart Safeguard.

Arka’s new fireproof and safe safe

The new product manufactured by ARKA Refractory to provide home security is the HMZ 530 and 630 HMZ models, all of which are listed above. This fireproof and safe safes are manufactured in the form of large safes and banks. Dimensions of the HMZ530 model are as follows: height is 80 centimeters and width and depth is 60 centimeters. The model HMZ630 is 20cm higher than the 530 model. But the width and depth are equal. The diameter of the tabs in this model is 50 millimeters. The thickness of the sheet plate is higher than the standard ones. The weight of these models is about 500 kilograms. Their interior space is such that in addition to gold and currency, it is also appropriate to hold any document folder.

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Writer: mrs zibandi is responsible for controlling Arka quality

Advantages of Hotel Safes

Advantages of Hotel Safes

In many cases, we advise customers and customers to buy a hotel safe. This recommendation and suggestion from the seller to the buyer depends on the type of order and customer request, as well as its fit with the features of the safes. In this article, we plan to introduce the benefits and privileges of a hotel safe to other safes.

Advantages of the hotel safes over other safes

By comparing the hotel safes with other safes, we find that hotel safes have the following benefits:

Cheaper than other box models
Light and small, very beautiful and decorative
Fully Customized and Customized Custom
Color variation is very high compared to other models
Equipped with a variety of digital and mechanical ciphers
Cheaper than other box models

The best-selling type of safes is the hotel’s safes. The main reason for this popularity is its cheapness. In the hotel safes, concrete is not used. Because of this, they are not fireproof or fireproof (it should be noted that soon the ARKA firebox will also produce fireproof hotel safes in its new range of products). On the other hand, they have a small volume and do not use as much as other models of cabinets, sheets and steel. That’s why the cost of the hotel fare is lower than that of other models. It should also be noted that the hotel safes are very easy to repair and are relatively inexpensive.

Light and small, very beautiful and decorative

As mentioned, a hotel safe is classified as a small safe box; Their weight is usually about 16 kg; They also have an incredibly beautiful design. Therefore, it can be arranged in the hotel’s room space.

Fully Customized and Customized Custom

In many cases, hoteliers and hotel owners order a hotel ticket with a hotel logo or logo. And this indicator will be a great help in attracting passengers and making it a hotel.

Color variation is very high compared to other models

The diversity of hotel board funds is higher than the rest of the funds; When you buy a hotel safe, you will definitely see them in the colors of yellow, red, blue, white, black, cedar, fili and …. For this reason, the beauty of the store’s shops is also hotel favors.

Equipped with a variety of digital and mechanical ciphers

Do not be surprised if you heard a digital hotel safes when buying a hotel safari; The special privilege of hotel safes is that, despite their small size, they have the ability to install a digital or mechanical password on their doors. In fact, the door can be tampered with. So that the burglar can not open the door. When the burglar can not open the safe box door, it steals itself safes to gain access to the contents inside it. Since hotel safes are lightweight, they should be screwed to the floor or in the cabinet or on a table or anywhere else to prove.

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How to sell safes to a variety of customers

How to sell a safe to four different personality bridges

Because second-class security is a basic human need, it can be said that for each location a cowhand machine is needed and is considered to be an essential component of life and work. Therefore, all four brilliant personalities in psychology are among the safest customers. So recognizing their personality traits is essential for every vendor. The four famous personage brigades you deal with when selling a safe:

the Pretender
Analyzer Read more