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Home safe shopping guide

Home safe shopping guide Buying a home safe is constantly increasing day-to-day, perhaps because it’s the best place to keep the list of your assets. Important papers such as documents related to birth and death, marriage, transactions, shares, insurance, taxes along with jewelry and cash, etc. can be easily kept even for a lifetime in […]

Types of code safe boxes

There were no codes in the first generation of safe boxes and their safety systems were made only with keys and tabs. With the advent of a variety of locks and codes, code safe boxes were soon created.

Know the best and worst safest locks

Know the best and worst safest locks In Iran, in general, two types of lock for the safe are used; The choice is between the best and the worst safest locks so .you do not have the choice for just good and better products A lacquered lacquered laminate The buyer determines the production method; If […]

Elevator safes service

Arka Elevator Safes Service Safes for lifts for goldsmiths and jewelry stores are watch stores and antique dealers. Because of its special sensitivity, its customers are more obsessed with this product. Time for these customers is very valuable. For this reason, they prefer to use an elevator safe. So that they can handle only one button […]

Advantages of Hotel Safes

Advantages of Hotel Safes In many cases, we advise customers and customers to buy a hotel safe. This recommendation and suggestion from the seller to the buyer depends on the type of order and customer request, as well as its fit with the features of the safes. In this article, we plan to introduce the […]

How to sell safes to a variety of customers

How to sell a safe to four different personality bridges Because second-class security is a basic human need, it can be said that for each location a cowhand machine is needed and is considered to be an essential component of life and work. Therefore, all four brilliant personalities in psychology are among the safest customers. […]

Mobile safe , you away from your mobile phone

Mobile safe , you away from your mobile phone This advice can holds cell phone in his , like safe , it means that one watch embedded on it that users adjust the hours & after the specified time , take his/her phone . According report a night club young journalists club , for parents […]