Buying guide from Arka’s safe online store

To buy from Arka’s safe online store, you should follow these stages:

First, we enter the website of Arka Refractory Safe Company. All you have to do is to search the word “safe box” on the Internet, or you can search every word related to the safe in different search engines, including Google. In almost all words, one of the first 3 results is the Arka’s safe company site in the results page. On the main page of the site, at the top of the page and in the blue part, there is a list of the site. From the list, select the service option. In the service section, according to the figure below, click on the safe price list option. This option is the first link in the service toolbar menu.

At this point, a new page will open into you. This page contains a table of all Arka’s products. This table is very complete. Exterior dimensions, interior dimensions and the price of each model are included in this table separately, taking into account the types of codes used in the safe. After reviewing and comparing the products, click on the desired product to be directed to the product’s description in order to purchase it.

Carry out safe online shopping operations

Here you can see the description and purchase page of the product you want. On this page, all the needed explanations, including the features and applications about that safe, are described in detail. Here, after reading the description and selecting an option to make a purchase, click on the safe you want to buy. This option means which password you want to install on your safe. By selecting each one, its price will be entered immediately. Usually in most products, the options are “digital password, mechanical password and no password”. Now it’s time to buy the product. Click on “Add to Cart” option to move to the shopping cart page.

On the new page, there is your purchase form, or in other words, your online purchase invoice. Here we fill out the purchase form. It should be noted that starred items must be filled. You do not need to create an account on this page and you can do so if you want.

Now, after filling out the form, at the bottom of the page select the order registration option, which is displayed in black which is directed to the payment page.

How to order the product

In general, ordering and buying a safe in Arka Refractory Safe Company includes 3 sections.

1.     Visiting the sales offices and agencies to conduct a contract.


2.     Product order by phone: You can announce your order by calling the sales offices so that the product is sent to your address and you can deposit the cost of products in the following account numbers in accordance with the company. The sales contract is also sent with the product.


3.     Online order: This is the most attractive way to buy the safe with 4% discount. You can also register your order online at any time of the day or night through the collection’s website at and select the purchase link. Your request will be processed in less than 24 hours so that the desired product can be sent to your address.

Benefits of buying a safe online from Arka store

By purchasing a safe via the Internet, a 4% discount will be included in your invoice automatically; And at the time of delivery of the safe, a contract sheet and a warranty card will be delivered to you; And how to open the door and re-encrypt it will be taught, and due to the difficulty of working with the mechanical codes compared to digital codes, a code training CD will also be delivered for those who buy a safe with a mechanical code.

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