Elevator safes service

Arka Elevator Safes Service

Safes for lifts for goldsmiths and jewelry stores are watch stores and antique dealers. Because of its special sensitivity, its customers are more obsessed with this product. Time for these customers is very valuable. For this reason, they prefer to use an elevator safe. So that they can handle only one button and in a few seconds showcase their shop without any hassle. Naturally, with such an extraordinary efficiency, lift safe services are of particular importance.

The elevator safe service generally includes

Fix shake
Eliminate the sound
Upgrade and upgrade your safes

Fix shake

Vibrations may occur during the showcase up and down the box. This will never happen if the quality of the device is high and in accordance with standard principles and accurate calculations. But if for any reason this is a problem, we say you do not worry. Just call and resolve this issue to experienced Arka technicians. Even if your brand and brand safety equipment is not your Arka.

Eliminate the sound

Apart from the vibration talk, the movement of the showcase of these boxes may be accompanied by sound. This is a bug. A box-topped elevator box that can be displayed with just one push button, no sound and vibration, and with a complete relaxation of your items. Do not worry if you deal with such a phenomenon. We know the forms of work and will easily repair it for you.

Upgrade your safes

You may need to change your security password for any reason. Or, instead of using the button, use the remote control (remote control) to raise and lowering the box display. Or even use the alert system or any other option and feature in your elevator cabin. Each of these is specialized. So never do this yourself. You can use Arca specialists in this area with just one touch. Even if your safe box is not Arca. Do not worry anyway, because Arka’s security service is not limited to the Arka brand.

Arka Fireproof Pool (Mohammad Zadeh) has been a brilliant record holder in the Safavid manufacturing industry for more than 20 years; Based on this background and the use of experienced and experienced personnel, the elevator safe service provides its customers with a lifelong lifecycle. In addition to Arka’s luggage compartments, it also accepts other brands. With just one touch, you can enjoy free Arka advice and great services.

Experience the full relax with ARkA

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