1. What are the first factors that are important in the safety of Arka refractory safes?

The safety of Arka safes is one of the most important accomplishments of Arka Industrial Group. For this reason, the following two factors are highly important in ensuring the safety factor of the safe.

◊ Adaptation to modern and advanced technologies

◊ The weight of the fireproof safe

2. What is the difference between MM, MS and MZ models?

Arka Fireproof safe MM Model

The MM refractory safe has a moderate quality in comparison to the other two models. The price is more reasonable. In addition, this model has a lifelong after-sales service of Arka. But it does not include warranty and insurance plan for theft and fire.

Arka Fireproof safe MS Model

The MS model has a much higher quality than the MM safes. In addition, this model has a two-year warranty and one year of theft and fire insurance, and of course, Arka’s lifelong after-sales service.

MZ fireproof safe

The Arka MZ fireproof safe is very good in terms of security and quality. This means that there is a mechanism inside the safe’s door which is sensitive to blow. If you try to open the safe’s door in an unconventional way, this mechanism will be activated and it will prevent the door from opening. This model has a two-year warranty and a one-year theft and fire insurance plan. In addition to all these benefits, Arka’s lifelong after-sales service is also included.

3. Which is the best safe to place A4 paper and folder in?

250 model and other bigger safes can be used to store binder, folders, A4 paper and documents with A4 paper dimensions and above.

4. Which kind of passwords (codes) can be installed on the Arka’s safes?

All three models of mechanical code, digital password and fingerprint password can be installed and embedded on Arka’s safes.

5. How much can Arka’s safes resist against fire?

950. C for one hour.

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6. What is the kind of Alloy used in safe’s sheets of Arka?

The material of the alloy used in the construction of the body of Arka refractory safes is steel. You can find out more about safes here.

7. What is an alert system?

This smart and alert system is actually an interesting texting system which is not accessible to the others. In this way, as soon as the door of the refractory safe is opened, a text message will be sent to the mobile phone of the owner of the safe. So far, this possibility has been well appreciated by users.

8. Does Arka Refractory Safe Company also produce custom boxes?

Yes, the production team of Arka Refractory safe is able to produce safes with different geometric dimensions and shapes. Especially in the field of safes which is used in gold shops (elevator safes), the ordered safe is designed and produced according to the customer’s order.

9. I have a 150B model safe with serial number S00871367. I forgot my password, please help me. The door is open, but I don’t have the mechanical password and it won’t close anymore.

You can call the service department to request for password service. And you can use the free consultant services of the technical experts of Arka Safe Company. Contact number 36666001.

Also, you can enter the section called services through the top menu of the site, and from the link “how to change the password, you can see and download the free digital password training step by step.

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