How to sell safes to a variety of customers

How to sell safes to a variety of customers

How to sell a safe to four different personality bridges

Because second-class security is a basic human need, it can be said that for each location a cowhand machine is needed and is considered to be an essential component of life and work. Therefore, all four brilliant personalities in psychology are among the safest customers. So recognizing their personality traits is essential for every vendor. The four famous personage brigades you deal with when selling a safe:

the Pretender

First group claimed

These people want more detailed and very detailed information. Most decide for themselves. They rely on themselves and want to do everything fast. They care too much for their time. Take their decisions decisively. So an impeccable safe box can draw a good eye on them.

How to sell the safe to these people

Your information must be complete. And have a good effect on them. They tend to be more likely to say as quickly as possible. They are highly receptive and do not like repetitive descriptions. These people are very concerned about the superiority of the product they want to buy. These people would love to hear these phrases. Best and Unique “Fast” Powerful “

The second group is compatible

This character type is very lovely. And they value honesty and trust. Compatible people have the most interaction with others. So, they will have a good connection with the safes. They are looking for sincere relationships. They avoid conflicts and consider buying the benefits of both sides.

How to sell the safe to these people

With these people, communication is the most important goal in the first step. And then you need to explain what benefits this product has for you. Act like an expert. And explain the product information step by step. It is better not to introduce different options to them. It’s exactly what the product is right for, so it’s easy to choose.

Well satisfied customers can have a positive impact on them. These people would love to hear these phrases. Popular “Reliable” Guaranteed “Proven” safety and security. The safekeeper is suitable for these people who have proved their performance and performance in practice. For this reason, best-selling models are most welcomed.

Extroverted third group

These people are like people; That is, the satisfied customers of the past can very well influence their views; Of course, they are very creative and motivated and they are proud of their intrinsic capabilities. Extrovert women and men have intrinsic self-esteem. They are energetic and fast and make a decision-making process.

How to sell the safe to these peopl

Although these people have a very motivated nature, they soon get tired and bored; Avoid description and details; Instead, introduce products that are safe and complete in all respects. Communicate with them. They can be part of the company’s permanent customers. These people would like to hear these phrases. It’s a “fun” and “no” problem. Try to communicate with these people yourself more than ask them to tell them the details of the safe.

Group 4 analyst

These people know almost everything about the company before they arrive; So be prepared; They have a lot of detailed questions; These maps are very computational. Their decision-making process depends heavily on research and experimentation that they are doing. They decide on the actual figures. And they are not at all interested in shopping with emotions.

How to sell the safe to these people

These people have done research before buying their safes; So you do not have to pay much attention to the product details; Give only an important explanation; They then decide to buy a product that reviews and summarizes all the necessary data. You need to be patient and ask them to give them more details. These people would like to hear these phrases. Research “evidence and results” and percentages. Get involved in mind to think about your safekeeping and analyze your product.

By knowing more about the personality of the customer and the right designs and fitting with each character, you can make a better and faster return on investment with less effort and focus. In addition to knowing more about customers, the most important point is the quality of the production safe. Certainly, a high-quality safety box will attract the attention of every customer with any personality. Arka brand name Mohammadzadeh fireproof factory with more than 2 years of brilliant record in the field of manufacturing and selling security safes has set its goal of attracting and attracting customers through high quality products and services.

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Writer: Zarrinfar Sales Manager Arca

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