The oldest safe deposit box in the world

The oldest safe deposit box in the world

The oldest safe deposit box in the world is considered the secret of Mehriz’s castle. The secretary’s castle is the most important building of the city surrounded by walls and ditches. Some parts of the castle are made up of three floors and the entire building has a defensive and residential structure. The castle is the Sassanid period. This work was registered as a national monument of Iran on June 27, 1354 with the registration number 1084. The Castle Castle is one of the most beautiful, largest and oldest defensive fortresses, as well as a treasury tank and safe deposit box in the central desert of Iran. And dating back to the Sassanid era.

This castle was used to store grains and food, which at that time had a special value. In addition to cereals, it also acts like a modern safes. Meanwhile, the money, gold and jewelry of the villagers were also kept in the castle during the invasion and looting.

Technical Specifications for the First Worldwide Safeguard Book

Yazd’s castle has two concentric walls in you with a lofty and invincible tower that is enclosed by a gutter. The ditch is located at a depth of 3 to 4 meters and a width of 5 to 6 meters around the castle, a fence and castle fortress about 6 to 7 meters high and circled around the castle and has 9 rounded towers 8 to 9 meters in the corner And mediocre sides. In the four corners of this Safeguard, four towers are built that are taller than the castle towers. Also from the outside into a wall at a height of 2 meters around the castle, which previously had a higher altitude.

The castle also had two doors, one of which was the main door and the other was the back of the castle. Almost like the door of the treasury and the door to escape today. The castle’s main door is movable and is closed by ropes and pulleys from the bottom up. When the main door was broken by the enemy and the enemy walked into the castle, the second door of the castle was closed and in fact played the role of the castle support door.

The castle has three floors consisting of mud and mud and materials used in that brick and gypsum. Something like an archival safes. Furnishings such as framing and fireplaces are also featured.

On the sides of the corridors, there are several chambered chambers, each with a separate door and key for storing valuable precious objects in the large fund.

The interior and exterior design of the castle is a secret

The main and central castles of the castle have been castles, houses and residential rooms. The entrance to the castle is located on the north side of it, on the ditch opposite that mobile bridge was installed that at night, with the help of a rope and a pulley, it was raised behind the gate. By removing the bridge from the ditch, the connection inside And the castle was cut off from one another. In fact, it was a physical weapon to improve the safety factor of the Safeguard Book of that time!

Passing through the bridge on the ditch and passing through the main castle, we enter the gate of the vestibule. And in the vestibule, we go to three other doors, two of which are open to the left and right sides, and go through the enclosure between the outer fence and the inner wall of the castle, where the livestock and livestock are stored and the forage storage.

The third door is located opposite the main gate and leads to the castle’s residence. In the residential area of ​​the castle houses, each has more than 2 rooms and most of them are not more than 30 square meters. The rooms are on you and in their sides there are niches, rafts, and at the end of them there are places to put big crumbs for storage of food. Also, on the floor of the castle chambers, there are holes to hold the garbage cans, which is also a curtain to increase the security of this large safe deposit box.

How to protect the castle

Absolutely, this large safe deposit box in the absence of modern modern equipment; requires a well-trained human guard. The way of using the castle spaces is that the castle towers are built in three floors and the relationship between the floors is provided by spiral staircases. There are stones for scanning and shooting in each of the three floors.

The roof of the towers has a wall height of 1.5 meters, which is used as a turret. Under the wall of the turret, they made holes with a steep slope out there to use ash, hot sand, boiling water and molten bitumen on the invaders. If the enemy would fire the doors, The water was flooded and the fire was extinguished.

Opening and closing the castle door

The second and third doors of the entrance were made of metal, thus, in addition to strengthening, it was prevented from burning more than it was. On top of the main castle there is a wooden log, with four reels on them. From the wooden beam and the pulleys, they used the gutter entrance door or the castle door to move up and down.

This is the only example of the vertical opening and closing of the door that has remained its remains so far. Among the existing works in this castle are the water storage, built on the left entrance and behind the vestibule, which is roofed and its dimensions are about It is 6.5 meters long and now there is no trace of it. This water tank was drained in two ways:

One by a duct connected to the ditch, and when the duct was opened, the water was filled.
The second way, when the enemy was attacked and threatened with water pollution, did not drain the water from the ditch, but by collecting the water of the roofs and the interior of the fortress, they needed to be eliminated. By doing so, people The castle could have all the needs