Why should you buy a safe and safe safe deposit box before buying gold and cash

Why should you buy a safe and safe safe deposit box before buying gold and cash

Did you know that since the beginning of 1397, due to the increase in the inflation rate, people went to buy gold and currency to keep their value. While they often do not have a specific mechanism for keeping it. Perhaps, by reading the interview below, understand the importance of having a refractory safe in your home.

Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the Police Awareness NGO, in an interview with the law enforcement correspondent of Tasnim, said: “What is involved with robbery is robbery of houses, which has a very high impact on the security of citizens, and people are also mostly prevented from doing so. Robbery does not care much about safety. Of course, I think the increase in house robbery is due to the economic situation in the country.

With regard to all aspects of the safety of the place where gold is stored, it has a significant role in reducing the number of robberies. First of all, we should note that the place of holding gold and currency is not home. The safe deposit box is a safe place to hold such items. But if you have to keep them at home, be sure to read this article carefully.

Features a refractory safe

If you do not have a safekeeper or safe haven and place for your golds and currencies, you will easily miss them. Because they will simply be stolen. But if you have a safe deposit box, this means that you have shown the location of your gold and money to the robbers. But nevertheless, we also recommend that you buy a fire safe and safe before buying gold, coins and dollars. The key question is that such a refractory and ultra-safe can protect your currency and gold. Such a safe guard must certainly have two important features:

Non-portable safe

The first factor to be taken into consideration in the delivery of the cabin is the weight of the cabinet. The first mission of the cabin bag, as its name suggests, is being unwalled and worthless. A 300kg-high cocoon for home use is somewhat of an idea. Al is The weight of the cowhide is the result of the sheet used and the material used between its walls. If your walls are covered with reinforced concrete, your safe will have a good weight. In this situation, your safe is fireproof. Therefore, it can be said that the safes that are suitable for their dimensions are fireproof.

If your cupboard does not have the weight you want, you can tighten it to connect to metal structures around the ground or prevent it from moving. This is done by welding or using a roller screw. To do this, just call the experienced Arca experienced technicians and forces. You can do as much as zero jobs for up to one hundred jobs at the safe box installation.

Anti-theft cowboy

If the thieves are not able to steal a safe, the only option is to open the safe box and empty the contents. In the anti-theft arches of the Arka, the unique anti-theft system is mounted on the boxes. This system is a set of features that are built into the anti-spam system on the boxes. For example, in anti-shock safes, the door is flipped from four sides. If in the typical models, the doors are flush with both sides.

In the anti-theft model, special cavities have been applied to the safe wall, with tabs placed inside it. In the anti-theft model, there is a passive tab that is susceptible to impact, and when it hits the door, the tab is released and prevents the door from opening the safe.

In addition, you can use the smart Arca system and get your smartphone safe. We suggest you read the Arka Smart Safeguard.

Arka’s new fireproof and safe safe

The new product manufactured by ARKA Refractory to provide home security is the HMZ 530 and 630 HMZ models, all of which are listed above. This fireproof and safe safes are manufactured in the form of large safes and banks. Dimensions of the HMZ530 model are as follows: height is 80 centimeters and width and depth is 60 centimeters. The model HMZ630 is 20cm higher than the 530 model. But the width and depth are equal. The diameter of the tabs in this model is 50 millimeters. The thickness of the sheet plate is higher than the standard ones. The weight of these models is about 500 kilograms. Their interior space is such that in addition to gold and currency, it is also appropriate to hold any document folder.

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