The reason of 70 theft of jewelry is insiders

The reason of 70 theft of jewelry is insiders

The province police chief prevention said :
The reason of 70 % theft of jewelry insiders .
According Khorasan razavi report , colonel »abbaschalaki « Monday last night in theft prevention & improving the security factor gold & jewelry ??? guild that hold in Mashhad , added:
The jewelry retailers must be careful to selecting their colleagues .
Because of the theft factor that 70 % of it , one insiders , for example , the information & steal gold map , that its owner was killed , was offered by person who work there . He added : for this reason , The police is ready for presentation records from people who are considered to work , to theft prevention from jewelry .
The stating that 7-8 counts of armed robbery done last years , reiterated :
This year until now ( with prevention work that done ) we have not been witnessing armed robbery , fortunately .
Chalaki said :
In this field of armed robbery from banks too , meetings were held , with bank officials & the judiciary & banks were obliged to observe all the safety tips & police , give 900 armed force to banks , too .
He added : using technical equipment , suitable safes electric door & camera , that’s mean moving in the direction of theft prevention that must pay attention to these issues .
Prevention police chief , provincial police with referring to creat special patrols for banks & jewelry , stated :
We should , use of guardian trained neighborhood in places that many jewelry are focused , with this patrols , that with this proceedings , we don’t have problem to equip goldsmiths , with people who are introducedof the union with shocker & spray .

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